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D R E A M Z  H A I R  S A L O N


Here at Dreamz, our team works diligently to provide quality hair, and barbering services within our community and our region! We are fully staffed and we are committed to uplifting our Community and every single person that walks through our doors.


We provide barber cuts, coloring, hair styling, weaving, locs, natural hair, braiding, extensions and we also offer hair replacement just to name a few! Our proud owner recently launched a hair care product that she developed at her kitchen table. She services many clients with hair

loss due to alopecia, psoriasis, and cancer treatment recovery.


This product was designed to rejuvenate the hair follicles all while treating the skin and promoting healthy hair growth! 

We’ve created an atmosphere where we focus on individualizing our clients experiences! We supply products and services to meet the needs of our customers. However, our team is not only trained to focus on the outside, we also focus on encouraging our clients not to neglect their inside. 

Our clients also have the pleasure of experiencing our fresh squeezed juice by Juice Mouf. In addition, we offer free nutritional information as well. 

Our women’s hair care products include a shampoo conditioner and an all natural serum - 

HER - H.eal - E.vole - Restore 

We also have a men’s product line as well - 

HIM - H.eal - Inspire - M.otivate 

We’ve framed our purpose around our products as a reminder that day to day living is deeper then what’s on the surface! Just as our team and staff is committed to the cosmetic results, we are also trained to encourage clients to dig a little deeper to care for the inner as well! 



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