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D R E A M Z  H A I R  S A L O N


Born 1995 in Pittsburgh pa, I played basketball for as long as I could remember even today I love to hoop that’ll stay in my heart for life. Since 2015 its been a deeper passion that takes me to a higher level of creativity, I love to twist locs I love to see locs to love on them..I was born into the beauty industry my mother has been doing hair since age 9. My brother has the gift as well, I plan to make your experience one you wont ever forget. To keep you coming back to have healthy hair.


Health is extremely important, it determines your lifestyle and most importantly how long you will live. Growing up watching my mother handle a business and staying focused, always motivated me to want to step into the entrepreneurial world. However, for so many years I was afraid of the building process, and how big of a responsibility it was. I'm 23 years old now, and our family business is still standing. Dreamz Fitness is our newest venture and when I turned 19, I realized that the foundation is set so I should go for it!


I want people to know that becoming healthier and understanding that staying fit is a lifestyle that I'm here to help them maintain!


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